Friday, March 30, 2007

And so it begins...

There is so much to say about my financial situation right now. I am now treading in a territory I never ever in my life would have imagined I would be in at this age.

So, I guess some basic information about me would be helpful:

~ I am 22 years old
~ I work and live in DC
~ I am a college grad
~ I am not a frugal person, although I try to be
~ I have never regularily updated a blog, but am going to try now.

I look back at the changes in my beliefs and attitudes the last few years and I think I have grown more disciplined, thoughtful, and imaginative with my future. I just feel better in my own skin now. Not that I think I'm complete now, but things are going good. I have been reading personal finance blogs with about a year now and love to keep up with how people are doing with debt, marriage, jobs, etc...

So, I am COMPLETELY IN OVER MY HEAD with financial "stuff" right now. Craziness involves:

! Having my first real full-time job and trying to navigate medical benefits, a 401k, and a crazy boss
! Not having my parents help pay for anything (i know, i know...lame)
! TAXES, I have never filed before
! I just bought a condo, the first mortgage payment in May 1.

My life is just back to back action packed. To be "hollywood" about my life, maybe I'd be like the Lethal Weapon series. I have a regular cast of friends or sidekicks, I go through plot lines that are sometimes humorous, with a sprinkle of cheesy, and everytime I think I've saved the day at last, once and for all... A sequel is released!

Anyways, my bad analogies aside...I will post more with details about all the financial stuff I'm trying to deal with.