Friday, October 3, 2008

My Seestur

My sister has a different outlook on life than I do. Sometimes I'm surprised at her spendy-ness (what's the opposite of thrifty-ness?). She has always liked the finer artsy things in life, good thing she has a high paying job to support it. A quick recap of our facebook emails:

Me: hey - My friends are getting married in Vegas in December. I am booking flights and hotels. Would you guys be interested in going? Splitting a hotel room?

Is mom or dad part of their loyalty program? Do you get promotional mail sent to your house?

I am planning to go to Peru or Colombia at the end of the year or possibly over MLK holiday week in Jan.

Sister: i've always wanted to go to peru and bolivia! and i can't find the people or the right time! I would go in jan cause it's after our rush season.

i'm still confused how you have money for these trips...

I don't buy clothes. I don't buy housewares. I don't buy books, I borrow from the library. I don't rent movies, I illegally download them. I bought only used furniture off craigslist when I moved in. I cook dinner at home Sunday through Thursday. Yesterday I took left over food from an office meeting home and ate it for dinner. I don't pay for yoga or gyms, I volunteer for free classes. I don't spend free time "shopping".

Also, boyfriend pays for 1/2 the meals we eat out. Boyfriend pays me some rent and electricity bill. He has a car that's paid for and drives me around. We alternate paying for groceries. He has two jobs. I work extra jobs periodically on the weekend, mornings, or evenings. I sell stuff I no long use on Craigslist, like coats or old ipods. I send my clothes to consignment stores.

When I (boyfriend too, so "we") travel, we do it cheap. We stay in hostels, I find great flight deals, etc.......

so it's not that surprising.

yes, but all of that can equal a $1500 flight to Peru? That's the minimum I've seen no matter what time of year you go. Plus you're not getting paid during your trip.

I do get paid during my trip. I have 3 weeks of vacation time. I know 2 weeks paid vacation time is pretty normal.

Think about it this way:

$50 used tempurpedic mattress from craigslist vs. $350 new mattress from ikea = $300 SAVED

Eating out 1 less meal a week, let's say the average meal is $20 (yes, DC is expensive), and let's say you do this for 2 months = $160 SAVED

I work one weekend (14 hours total) as a food sampler at costco = $350 MADE

Wearing a dress borrowed from a friend for my office's formal dinner = $50 SAVED

Boyfriend and I decide not to go to 1 music concert = $100 SAVED

These 5 decisions/actions above save me almost $1,000 right there.

Plus - I just found airfare to Lima, Peru for $834 dollars. It's for the week in January that has Marting Luther King Jr. holiday. I just saved $650 dollars from what you were expecting to pay.

There are certainly ways to travel for cheap. Consult with a cheap-o like me!