Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We return to the regularly scheduled broadcast

I have been away from blogging - sorry! I have been working on a national fuel efficiency campaign for work. Hopefully some of the 240 million (!) drivers in American will be empowered to save money on gas (short term goal) and take simple steps to support clean air and a healthy environment for their children and grandchildren (long term goal). The campaign is comprehensive - There's a website, radio public service announcements, billboards, podcasts, and 2 million cards printed with money-saving tips.

Drive $marter Challenge - keep in mind, these tips are suppose to be simple steps, not rocket science.

Gas Myths Page
Gas Saving Online Resources

Take the Challenge here

It's so encouraging to see that people who have taken the Challenge have pledged to save $13 million in gas expenses and have saved 40 metric tons of CO2 from polluting the air.

More updates to come...