Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking towards the rest of the year

There are several costly adventures/expenditures I had planned for the rest of the year. But as usual I have to bring myself down from the clouds and reassess the financial situation.

Trips for the year:
February - NYC
May - West Virginia
July - Montreal
August - Cape May
August - San Francisco
December - Las Vegas (? trip in question)
December - Colombia/Costa Rica (? trip in question)

$900 property tax payment (sux!)
$2,500 yoga teacher training

Electronic items:
new laptop (my laptop is still alive from 2002!)
new cell phone (I am using phone from 2004!)

So you can tell that electronics are not my priority. I am going to hold off on the laptop and cell phone until next year. Next on my chopping block - travel in December. My very good friends are getting married in Vegas. It wouldn't be too expensive - the flights and the hotel would be the biggest expenses. Now, South America is another story. It will be a much longer and expensive trip. I don't know what to do - I will continue researching fares. Now I really want to do yoga teacher training but of course that has to be the most expensive. Blah - now i have to scrap up property tax money.

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J. Money said...

at least you're thinking about it all! much better than just doing, and THEN figuring it all out...although sometimes i'm envious of those who do go that route - they're always so chipper! but perhaps it's all an evil ploy? haha..

anyways, good luck with deciding on which to do, and on the tax savings.