Friday, November 13, 2009

Devil Dog

Meet the most deceptively cute dog ever. He's in the box cuz we're mailing him back to wherever he came from!

He is terror with at tail. We got him in Sept. 2008 when he was 3 years old. I'm not sure he had as many bad habits as he does now, and I take accountability for spoiling him a little....but he's shakin' things up in my life for the past year. BF and I took him to obedience school ($150) where he did great. Is it too cliche to say he is very smart? He was still having problems with meeting people and dogs cuz he grew up in a rural farm. He had never been on a leash and taken for a walk before. So we got him private one on one training ($80) where I was instructed more than the dog. And some of the tips worked....and some didn't.

All i know is that he's been rejected from the groomers (too aggressive they said), rejected from a dog walker (too agressive, see a trend here?), and ran away from the doggy daycare. He ran half a mile through downtown DC streets to get back home. Then sat and waited by the condo buildings' front doors for someone to let him in. How did he think he was going to push the elevator button??? silly dog.

So having a dog is not as expensive as I thought it would be. We got the dog for free from friends, so that wasn't an expense. The friends gave us his leash, collar, bowl, and a 50lb bag of food. So that was another perk.

Bags of food = $40 for 4-6 months. Yes we get the special organic yuppie food for him.
Toys and treats = $10 a month.
Vet visit = $80 once a year check up, unless he gets sick or injured.
Advantix = $40 for the 4 summer months. Buy online, it's SO much cheaper.
Dog license = $15 a year.
Other cost = He chewed through a screen window. I imagine the cost will be $20? The frame is still good, i just need to replace the mesh stuff. I bought an $8 roll of mesh stuff before and I think I can fix it myself.

So it's been an adventure, but i'm pretty happy he's around. I just gotta show him some tough love - cuz he'll try and bully me to give him a treat!

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