Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Update: It's been a while.

Update on things:

- Still have not gotten W2 from my old job. I have talked to Valencia, Michael, Melissa, Katie, Carol, and Wayne. This has not gotten to me for the last month! C'mon! I just talked to a Mary in Chicago, she says she's mailing it out today. I hope this works.

-I need to get $250 refunded by my building association. They gave me a broken key, then i had to pay $250 for a locksmith.

-I am cancelling my cable. i threatened to cancel once, and they lowered the fee from $50 to $33 bucks. But i just don't watch enough - or at the right times - and there's all these commercials. I don't know. I'm over it. i'm going to get Netflix.

Other money related news?

i am going to blow it all on traveling. I went to thailand after graduating and not having a job for 5 months. i'm pretty sure i can go to europe after working full time for over a year.

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mapgirl said...

I just discovered your blog. Thanks for the link. Email me if you want to be included next time there is a DC personal finance blogger happy hour. We're nice. :-)