Wednesday, April 25, 2007

W-2 troubles, family visiting, and my first mortgage payment

Quick update: I called every other day since April 15th my former employer - with whom I had an internship with earlier this year. I requested another copy of my W-2 because I have moved and they did not have my current address. I realized it was kind of hard to do my taxes without this W-2. So i filed an extension for my federal return and state, but am still trying to put some fire under this company to send my W-2. After 10 phone calls, I got connected to a live person.

(this is part of the reason I didn't want a job with this company after my internship, they're a behemouth conglomerate that eats up little firms and produces one cheesy horrible intern mill. intern mill? Think puppy mill - the kind that spits out low quality pedigree puppies who are borderline retarded. Or more like puppy drones that produce crusty drivel that is applauded in corporate america as "creative" and "progressive" work. I had yet to see ONE creative idea there. Seriously - a Senior VP at this public relations firm in a client meeting pitched "all arms round' the planet" as an acronym for AARP's new slogan. YUCK and shoot me in the face.)

Hurricane Sandy came to town, check out this blog post that I enjoyed immensely.

ANYWAYS - I had my grandparents, aunt, and mother staying with me this past week. My family's financial habits are different from mine in some ways because they are rather stingy, ask how much EVERYTHING is, including how much are taxes on gas in Washington DC. They're from So. Cal and apparently California has a new(?) or higher tax on gas now than most other states. They follow Chinese custom however when a bill is presented and all fight to pay it. "I'll get it this time," or "You paid last time," or "You're my guest," etc. etc. Anyways, all week my mother and aunt paid for meals and outings, but on top of that my mother and grandparents left my $2,000 to help with furnishing my apt.

My first mortgage payment is due in 3 business days. I am writing a check out today and mailing it tomorrow. There also has been mail piling up about electricity bills. I haven't gotten anything from tmobile or comcast yet, which is odd.

I should probably make a list of my bills with the monthly due dates: starting with the most expensive

Mortgage - $1,300
Condo Association - $400
Comcast - $75 (cable and internet)
Tmobile - $60
Pepco - $50 (electricity)

What else? If you haven't noticed I really treat this blog as a draft of a compilation of financial lists that I can refer to on any computer in the world with internet access. My different files on excel at home are all updated at different times depending on if I update at work, or while visiting my parents home, or at my apartment.

Automate all the ones that i can:

Tmobile - but this one varies a lot depending on text messages.
Countrywide does: but this payment is big and i don't want returned checks if i mess up.

Then set email alerts to myself to check they were paid:

I'm going to go to Tmobile right now - it's my lunch break - to see if i can get text messages covered or to get less minutes, or something to reduce this bill! I haven't gotten a new cell phone in 1.5 years. I think that's a record for me. I hate my phone, a razor, but cell phones are something i care enough about to get a new "cooler" one.

UPDATE: i just walked my "fannie" down to tmobile. I have 1,000 minutes for $45.99. I use about 600 minutes every month, but get charged on average $10 a month for text messaging. To receive a pic text is 25 cents! it's insane. So - i looked on the website and their text messaging products run like this:

ok - that didn't come out nearly large enough - but the point is, i can get 400 text messages for $4.99. I only send around 75 a month now, so it would cost 1/2 as much, and i would get 325 more text messages! SWEET.

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