Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One Year Ago....

I was looking at old posts on my blog and saw that one year ago I was blogging about my networth. So today, I will calculate a new networth. (Whooohooo, my boss said I could leave early from work today!)

CD: $10, 653
401k: $3,531
Savings: $1,000
Checking: $182

Total Assets: $15,366

Total Liabilities: $227,175.34 mortagage

Networth is: -$211, 809.34

Not much difference, eh?


J. Savings said... least you still have your humor! and your honesty, not bad at all.

it was cool meet ya :)

james1844 said...

Um, Shouldn't the value of your place be included on your balance sheet?

I think your networth would be more like 40 or 50k if you did that.

Mark Krusen said...

Your mortgage is right up there isn't it.But look at that view you have. If your going to have a little slice of heaven you have to pay for it. I like your post you right and I'm looking forward to going back on some past post to see where your coming from. Keep em coming.