Monday, April 9, 2007

Financial Layout

Background Info
Here are my financial accounts:
(I have probably too many accounts, but...I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?)

~1 credit card
(I'm SO stereo typical: I applied for this card to get a free pizza and 10% off text books in college. This led to a lesson in credit. That post is coming soon.)

~1 CD
(My mother gave me $10k when I graduated college and we put it in a CD. I don't ever touch this account. To be honest, I forget what the interest rate is. What kind of PF blogger am i?!?)

~1 checking account for "spending cash"
(This account is for my day-to-day expenses, it's the only card I swipe.)

~1 savings account for savings
(This is a joint account with my mother. She can see the balance in here, and that helps motivate me to put extra cash in it.)

~1 checking account for the mortgage payments
(What I'm planning is to get the form from my HR person at work, and put a % automatically)

~a 401K account
(I can't even pretend I know anything about this. I know I put 8% of each paycheck in there and they mail me statements occasionally)

The latest adventure

I got a surprise on Friday when I tried to open a checking account at Wachovia. It was pretty much a personal finance nightmare.

I wanted another account because...
My parents helped me buy a condo in February. They put roughly a 50% downpayment. I am making the mortgage payment. In anticipation for this new monthly payment, I wanted to open an account dedicated for automatic monthly withdrawls. I don't know why, but I can handle my financial responsibilities better if my paychecks are divided into different accounts.

As it turns out...
I am a victim of identity theft. Some guy 3,000 miles away took out a car loan with my ID a year ago. Wachovia was really helpful and called their people to confirm that this guy had a car loan and walked me through the steps that I needed to take to alert the credit bureaus and file a police report.

My scientific diagnosis: THIS BLOWS...HARD.

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