Friday, April 13, 2007

Networth Starting Point

I'm attempting to do a networth post. I think this is how to calculate this stuff...i'm not exactly sure. I am going to just list all my assets, then my liabilities, subtract one from the other done? But - some people list EVERYTHING as assets. For example they put down the dollar amount their furniture is worth. But then I feel like I shouldn't even add my CD because that's not money I could use right away without a penalty. Anyways...let's jump into it.

CD: $10, 107 (I found out it's a 5.26% interest rate, how does that compare?)
401k: $2,549
Savings: $1,687
Checking: $1,945

Total Assets: $16,288

Total Liabilities: $230,000 mortagage

Networth is: -$213, 712

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