Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I am Jonesin'

I would like to say first off that I do not buy into a lot of what I consider ridiculous consumer fads. For example, I don't - and won't - ever spend cash on Coach/Prada/Gucci purses. (Well, let's be clear: If someone wants to send one my way, I'm not adverse to accepting it). I have never bought designer jeans. All my jeans costs less than $40. I have never liked Tiffany's jewelery, I have never had the newest-coolest-cell-phone-gadget. I don't go to concerts all the time, I don't get my nails done regularily, etc, etc.

All this said, I am dying a pair of these for my new place:

Wassily. chairs. in. this. tan. color. Mmm. Mmm.
Speaking of furnishings - here's the breakdown of all the furniture and supplies I have bought in the last 2 weeks for my first condo:
King size tempurpedic mattress - $200 off Craigslist
King size platform bed - $325 from Z furniture
Futon Sofa - $457 from Wal Mart
2 green Knoll chairs - $300
Media cart - $75 off Craigslist
Dining table - $125 off Craigslist
Dresser - $30 from Ikea
Full length mirror - $20 from Ikea
Lap top desk - $35 from Ikea
Light fixture - $35 from Ikea
Wall paint - $75 from Home Depot
Wall art - $80 CB2
cutlery/toilet brush/dish towels/hammer/screw driver - $10 from Ikea
Bed Sheets/pillows/trash cans/kitchen rug - $158 from Bed Bath and Beyond
Mop/toiletries/laundry detergent/dishwashing stuff/candles/etc - $113 Target
6 Plants/6 pots/soil - $55 from Home Depot and Ikea

Because I am not done furnishing my place yet, I don't have a final count on the costs. I think I am in the $1900 - $2000 range. I never in my life imagined I would spend this much on "stuff". But I guess it's nice to know I have a secure place to sleep and comfortable "stuff" to use.
Before I moved into my condo, I had been looking to buy for about a year. During this time, I was subletting this very badly kept apartment for super cheap. The paint was peeling off the ceilings and there were no shower stalls, only clawfoot tubs. The kitchen stove/oven unit was portable, albeit it was plugged into the wall, there were absolutely no counter tops. This place had 2 front doors.

So during this time, I didn't feel any motivation to buy furniture for such a - s.h.i.t.h.o.l.e. I flipped my moving boxes upside-down for tables and used paper bags as trash cans. I threw a sheet over an ironing board, then placed a mirror on the board while leaning it against the wall and voila! I had a make-shift vanity. I slept on an old and used futon for 8 months. I didn't pay for cable or internet service for 8 months.

In my life, I've lived in many different arrangements. Like the time in college, 3 of us lived in a 800 square foot 1 bedroom apartment. Right after I graduated, I shared a room with another girl for $300 in a 3 bedroom apartment with 4 people living there total. It's been insane at times.

My favorite house I ever lived in (besides the one I grew up in) was the one in San Diego that my parents bought to flip. I lived there my last year in college. I found roommates who had furniture and got a taste of what it's like to deal with real estate agents, a construction foreman, homeowner association committees, and awkward neighbors.
The most surreal experience was when that San Diego house needed an AC unit. My parents, who do not live in San Diego, called up Home Depot or Lowes, and they sent a salesman. Mind you, I am 19 at the time. So this old-school, senior citizen, slow-talking, southern accented, VERY old fashioned salesman walks in. He waits for the "head" of the household. Well...surprise! There are no adults in this house and there sure as hell isn't a man in this house. GOD it was excruciating listening to this guy drone on and on. All I needed was a quote.
One last note....On the topic of homeownership and repairs:
I take homeownership and home repairs seriously to show that a single, working, 22 year woman can get the job done. I don't have a car and I live in the city where there are no big box shopping strip malls, but I managed to get stuff done for a reasonable price. Yesterday I found a table and media cart online, negotiated the prices, rented a zipcar, delivered the goods home, unloaded them, moved them into my 7th floor apartment, and now they look gorgeous. I am going to tackle hard-wiring some track lighting tonight and put together an ikea table, all while hopefully getting something to eat and watching some Simpsons episodes. Good luck to me!

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