Tuesday, March 25, 2008

$2.61 Bar Tab and Dinner for...?

I was surprised to see my Friday happy hour bill to be $2.61! Food and drinks were 1/2 off at The Sign of the Whale bar/pub downtown. I had an Old Domion beer (my new favorite, replacing Blue Moon) and 8 chicken wings. They were giving away free shots, but nothing I would ever drink. Otherwise good times on the cheap!

I made dinner last night and while i'm sure it was cheaper than eating out at a restaurant - i'm not sure it was cheaper than very tasty indian/pakistani takeout next door. The lamb kebab and fish kebab dishes are $9.00.

$5 beef (shank instead of flank strips, but at $3.99 a lb instead of 5.99 a lb, i can cut it up, no problem)
$.79 tortillas
$2.99 cheese (big block, because i don't pay for someone else to shred my cheese!)
$.32 Jalapeno
$1.50 sour cream
$2.00 plantains
Total: 12.60 (divided by 2 people = 6.30)

So I guess it was cheaper - plus going to the grocery store once forces me to buy other dinner foods that will keep me from eating out.

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