Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Family Help

My dad's paying my property taxes for the first half of the year. He offered, I didn't want to ask him. I wasn't going to ask him, I was saving up for that expense. Anyways, I accepted his help.

What's odd is that the property tax rate went down. I've never seen a tax decrease before. This is shocking! It moved from .88% to .85%.

What's more odd.....

Day 1: My dad asks how much my property tax is.
Day 2: My sister writes an email (in a mentoring, not bragging tone) about her big bonus and raise.
Day 3: I get a random voicemail from my sister offering to pay my property taxes.

Fishy? I know my dad asked my older sister to help pay my property taxes. I'm sure I don't want my sister to feel like she should have to offer to help. But I'm not sure I like how my dad is viewing our "family" finances. I guess he's all about pooling money together to help each other...good thing i'm on the low end of this financial totem pole, but what does he expect later down the line from his kids???

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