Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boyfriend thoughts?

When it comes to my boyfriend and financial issues I generally feel very lucky.

Paying for Dates
I truly believe we do a good job switching between who pays for dinner, movies, etc. There's no system, we don't remember who's turn it is to pay for things and it hasn't become an issue (for me at least, but I haven't heard anything from him).

Dating did increase my expenditures quite a bit though. I think singles activities (clubbing, bar hopping, etc.) are cheaper and often I would get things paid for. Anyways, I think it took us a long time to communicate to each other that saving cash was a priority and that we should spend less. Now I will put words into his mouth, but I think we're both shy people and bringing up the topic of 'lack of money' was difficult. Maybe we're not shy, maybe ----- oh, who am i kidding? I'm just projecting my egotism onto both of us.

Moving In
I asked my bf to move in when his lease was ending at his place. We sorta had a false start at moving in together a year earlier. Anyways, it worked out this time and we've been "cohabiting" for 8 months now. I would say something generic like - "While the experience has had it's bumps here and there, it has made our relationship stronger". But in all reality, there really wasn't any drama.

What do you charge your bf for rent? I pay a mortgage and knew it wasn't fair to split it down the middle. Anyways, I pretty much arbitrarily came up with a number (it's 36% of my mortgage and condo fee) while he was on the phone w/ me and it's worked out ever since.

People in general are bad at gauging what will make them happy in the future, so I try and live in the 'now'. I won't even say anything about -------- or -------- because that's really not what we are about as a couple. I definitely am feeling good that after a few months where both of us were unemployed, we both have full-time jobs w/ benefits now.

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