Friday, March 7, 2008

Tax Time

I am extremely relieved I found an ex-IRS tax auditor who now as a side job during tax season prepares tax returns. We have a meeting set-up this weekend and I am really interested in asking her a bunch of questions. I know she's not going to be there in the capacity of a financial planner, but she was really receptive of the dumb questions I was asking on the phone. I prepared my first tax return ever last year by hand. I am not sure if I did any of it right, mainly because I was mailed an interest tax form and tuition tax form that I never used when inputting numbers into a free filing form that Liberty Tax Service offered.

(Short rant: why the hell does the IRS not offer a free form themselves? Why in the heck does the government funnel taxpayers to H&R Block, Liberty Tax Services websites to be force-fed ads and to be proposition for paid services? Welcome to the United Corporations of America.)

Anyways - I remember getting $800 back for my federal return and $200 back for my district return.

I can't imagine I will be getting back much money this year considering I only worked 8 months last year. I don't remember what I put down on my W-4 either.

Hmm...well, at least I know on Sunday most of this will be over.

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