Monday, March 31, 2008

Who the what where???

My online checking account recorded $4,547.64 spent in March. Here's the breakdown:

Housing - $2,627
$1378 - Monthly mortgage payment
$848 - Bi-annual property tax payment
$401 - Monthly condo fee

Bills - $401.62
$46.38 - Monthly cable internet bill
$46.73 - Monthly cell phone bill
$158.51 - 2 months worth of electricity bill
$150 - Extra credit card payment

Food - $533
$320 - 7 Dinners/Brunches including one zip car rental ($45 average)
$123 - 16 Lunches ($7 average)
$90 - Groceries

Nightlife - $254
$189 - Theater, Concert, Convention
$64 - Bars (6 outings - I don't drink much, can you tell?)

"Other" - $489
This category sucks, I have barely any information on where this money went.
$140 - Green recreation
$60 - Bank fees
$60 - Shopping (clothing, toys, bed/bath/beyond)
$220 - ATM withdrawls (????)

That totals: $4304. So there is $243 NOT ACCOUNTED FOR??? Ooh wait. I spent $220 on airplane tickets and bought yoga pants for $23, then returned them.

The most unnecessary expense is taking cabs. I am horrible about this. I always take cabs - probably once a week to work and once a week to yoga. I'm trying to cut back. I suspect cabs are where a good chunk of money went to from the ATM withdrawals section because cabs only take cash. D'oh - I want to say when the weather turns better, I won't spend as much on cabs, but really I don't even need to take cabs now!

I have a new budget planned out on for April. I am excited it's a new month so I can test my budgeting abilities.


J. Savings said...

That condo fee is killer :( Not surprising though, when i was *briefly* looking in NYC, there were some at around $800-$900!!!

Anyways, that's pretty cool that you can sift through and see where all your money's going. although i budget a lot, i throw everything on my credit card and don't look at the breakdown. if it's higher or lower than my c/c budget, i know if i'm doing okay :)

Akinoluna said...

Hey, the cab fares are a heck of a lot cheaper than if you had bought a car!